A strange object in the sky has left one resident questioning whether we are really alone.

When Stephen Maloney from Sharples, captured the image he thought it was a big star, but when he looked back at the picture, he believes it could have been an unidentified flying object or better known as a UFO.

Stephen often takes pictures of the moon and stars but was not expecting to see this.

With his Galaxy S23 Ultra, Stephen was able to zoom in really closely, but as soon as he did whatever was in the sky vanished.

He said: “I went outside at almost 5pm yesterday (Monday) and when I was looking out of the window, I saw what I thought was a big star.

The Bolton News:

“When I zoomed in, I noticed it looked funny and then it vanished.

“When I looked closer, I thought it was a UFO.

“I think that we can’t be the only life that exists, but I don’t think we will know in our lifetime, maybe in the future though.

“It’s the first time I have seen anything, and it happened so quickly.”

It is not the first-time people in Bolton thought they saw a UFO.

Just last week Paul Longstaff was sat at his computer when his mum shouted and pointed to outside the window, which came as a shock to both of them when they saw bright lights in the sky.

And according to UFO Identified as many as 10 UFOs had been identified to them in Bolton in May last year.

Greater Manchester has one of the highest UFO sightings in the country according to UFO database website, UFO Identified.

Reports of UFO sightings in Bolton documented by the Government.

08-Mar-09 01:30: "A large fireball but with an oblong shape.

“Thought it was a crashing airliner, but it stopped and hovered.

“It then came towards Dunscar, stopped, and headed in a SE direction towards Bury.

“It hovered in the distance for a minute before disappearing."

26-Oct-09 17:46 " Red and orange lights high in the sky moving slowly, numerous sightings over several weeks."

18-Mar-98 17:40 "A round, and very bright object.

“Equivalent to a 5p coin in size, at arm's length.

“Was stationary and then disappeared."

09-Jan-99 22:00 "One main object, blue, red and white."

22-Feb-99 19:00 "Two objects.

“Top one had a pale white light.

“The bottom one had a red/green light.

“They glided along the sky."

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