Young footballers can enjoy the beautiful game after councillors invested in new equipment.

Football posts have been replaced after the old ones fell into disrepair through old age and rotting.

Cllr David Wilkinson, Cllr Neil Maher and Cllr David Chadwick came together as ward councillors to replace the football posts, using funds from the council’s Area Working Fund.

The football posts have been replaced on Eatock Lodge and St James Street in Daisy Hill and Cllr Wilkinson expressed how well used the football posts were by the community.

The Bolton News: St James Street new postSt James Street new post (Image: Cllr David Wilkinson)Cllr Wilkinson said: “The football posts have been replaced after the old ones rotted off.

“We had two posts fall over on both Eatock and St James Street and we took it up with the council back in 2022 to see if we could get them replaced but they said there wasn’t any money and kids make a mess of the field.

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“The three ward members, myself, Neil Maher and David Chadwick put it forward again for new goal posts at St James and at Eatock Lodge but again it was refused.

“We said we would pay out of the ward pot and so that’s where the money came from for the new posts.

“Both sets of posts cost £1,500 between them and at least they are back up now.”

The Bolton News: The old posts at St James Street in 2022The old posts at St James Street in 2022 (Image: Cllr David Wilkinson)Cllr Wilkinson said he expects to have mixed opinions on the replaced posts, but the councillors wanted to make sure there was somewhere for youngsters to get out and have some fresh air.

He said: “I know people say you can make your own posts with bags and coats that is perfectly true but kids like playing football and a set of goal posts makes that little bit of a difference.

“We try to encourage people to take part in sports and get out there and have some fresh air and this is just one thing that helps to encourage young people to play outside.

“The football posts were put up last week and we know some people will be positive about it but we also know there will be some people who think it’s terrible and a waste of money, but we do the best we can.

“We had a lot of complaints when they rotted and fell over so as councillors we wanted to replace them.”

Cllr David Chadwick said: "The new goal posts provide somewhere for the children to play, a lot of kids like kicking the ball about and it is providing them with an area to play and enjoy themselves.

"I think it is important that we provide facilities for kids.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “The council’s Area Working Fund was created to give ward members a pot of money to address key priorities in their area and to fund local projects.

“The goalposts in Westhoughton were originally removed due to health and safety concerns after the metal was corroded.

“Replacing the posts is a great example of the Area Working Fund in action, and we are sure the residents of Westhoughton South will appreciate this new addition.”

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