The Bolton News: Gordon Sharrock's world of football

GORDON SHARROCK: World of Football

11:10pm Wednesday 16th May 2012

Promised Land all it’s cracked up to be IT will pain Bolton Wanderers fans to hear it, but the events of Sunday afternoon provided conclusive proof that the Premier League is the most exciting, most marketable product in world sport.

GORDON SHARROCK: We'll all have a boring time with dull Roy at the helm

11:00pm Wednesday 2nd May 2012

AN old friend got me thinking last week whether I, like so many other football fans, had been mistaken in believing Harry Redknapp was the best man, in fact in some people’s eyes, the only man for the England job.

WORLD OF FOOTBALL: Blues must ditch nasty boys

11:20pm Wednesday 11th April 2012

Nasty boys must go if City are to succeed ROBERTO Mancini smiled in the face of adversity on Sunday evening, warning journalists that if he did sell Mario Balotelli in the summer, they would lose a major source of news stories as well as a supremely talented young footballer.

GORDON SHARROCK: Muamba story could change football’s mindset

11:40pm Wednesday 28th March 2012

Kevin Davies first raised the issue – and a few eyebrows in the process – when he expressed personal sadness that the only time fans applaud opposition players these days is when they are being carried off on a stretcher.

Wanderers show such dignity throughout Muamba ordeal

11:00pm Wednesday 21st March 2012

THE manner in which the football world – from the most humble fan to the game’s top official – has united in support of Fabrice Muamba has been quite overwhelming.

GORDON SHARROCK'S WORLD OF FOOTBALL: Passionate Pardew doesn't need to apologise

11:00pm Wednesday 7th March 2012

Passionate Pardew has nothing to apologise for I’VE never thought much of Alan Pardew and, must confess, I couldn’t understand why Newcastle made him their manager after sacking that very nice man, Chris Hughton.

Gordon Sharrock: Name change bursts Geordie feelgood bubble

9:46am Wednesday 16th November 2011

THE Newcastle United fan who refused to get too carried away with the Toon’s incredible start to the season on BBC Radio5 Live’s Six-O-Six phone-in the other week must have known there was a banana skin waiting round the corner.

Gordon Sharrock: Ireland game would be big hooligan risk

9:45am Wednesday 16th November 2011

IT has been suggested for some time – mainly in Ireland I should point out – that the Football Association has some sort of obligation to play a friendly in Dublin after English hooligans forced the abandonment of the last fixture there in 1995.

Gordon Sharrock: Beware FIFA backlash over poppy scandal

9:45am Wednesday 16th November 2011

HAVING taken Gordon Taylor to task a couple of weeks ago for, among other things, effectively forcing Manchester City to halve the one-month ban they had imposed on Carlos Tevez, it is only fitting to applaud the players’ union chief for giving the errant Argentinian the hard word, warning him that he could face the sack if he doesn’t start behaving himself.

Gordon Sharrock: Marsh finally gets close to White Hot rival Didsy

9:45am Wednesday 16th November 2011

THERE was a delightful poignancy to seeing the way Wanderers’ Under-18s beat Liverpool on Saturday morning.

FIFA ban is just poppycock – and FA should ignore it

12:25pm Wednesday 9th November 2011

SHAME on FIFA for banning England from wearing poppies on their shirts at Wembley on Saturday.

Fergie stunned by stand secret

12:24pm Wednesday 9th November 2011

SIR Alex Ferguson is finally showing signs of old age.

Kuszczak set for coldest winter

12:23pm Wednesday 9th November 2011

TOMASZ Kuszczak would be advised to wear thermals next time he turns up for training after claiming he is being treated like a “slave” by Manchester United after a proposed loan move to Leeds was blocked.

Gradi deserves more respect from boo-boys

12:23pm Wednesday 9th November 2011

DARIO Gradi beats Sir Alex Ferguson by three years in the management stakes, having been in charge at Crewe Alexandra since 1983.

Gordon Sharrock: Race row is so damaging

9:19am Wednesday 2nd November 2011

WHATEVER the rights and wrongs of it, the John Terry-Anton Ferdinand race case has already done a great deal of harm to football’s reputation and there is a lot more damage still to be done.

Gordon Sharrock: Nazi slur is so unfair on Van man

9:19am Wednesday 2nd November 2011

I WILL defend the right to freedom of speech until I breathe my last, but I have to confess I find the freefor- all of the internet and its complete lack of regulation quite disconcerting.

Gordon Sharrock: Tired Taylor needs to listen to what he is actually saying

9:19am Wednesday 2nd November 2011

LIKE every union boss, PFA chief Gordon Taylor is paid to represent his members’ interests.

Gordon Sharrock: Big Sam snubs Diouff because his fitness was not fan-tastic

9:19am Wednesday 2nd November 2011

I WAS interested to hear Sam Allardyce suggest “issues”

Strange case of sparks flying at the Cottage

10:28am Wednesday 26th October 2011

THERE is obviously no love lost between Fulham chairman Mohamed Al Fayed and the club’s former manager Mark Hughes, judging by their bitter exchange of words.

Classy Claridge is still setting a fine example

10:25am Wednesday 26th October 2011

FORGIVE me for being a tad sentimental, but the most heart-warming football story for me this weekend wasn’t City beating United in The Manchester derby (although I did enjoy hearing Sir Alex Ferguson admit to being embarrassed by the scale of the thrashing, United’s worst defeat since 1955).

What the Stel is going on at fortress Reebok

10:24am Wednesday 26th October 2011

STELIOS Giannakopolous must have left the Reebok on Saturday evening wondering just what has happened to his beloved Wanderers since he waved farewell in 2008 after 177 appearances for the club.

Shirty Balotelli should be a little bit more careful

10:23am Wednesday 26th October 2011

MARIO Balotelli – or Rocket Man as he will be forever known after his Friday night fireworks antics – tells us he had “many reasons” for displaying his ‘Why Always Me?’ t-shirt after scoring against Manchester United in Sunday’s derby rout.

Gordon Sharrock: Somebody is lying in race row

9:44am Wednesday 19th October 2011

SOME might use the phrase “economical with the truth”, others will attempt to trivialise the issue with the word “porkies”, but let’s tell it like it really is – either Patrice Evra or Luis Suarez is lying over the Anfield “race”

Gordon Sharrock: Moyes is delusional to put all the blame on referees

9:44am Wednesday 19th October 2011

I HAVE the greatest respect for the job David Moyes has done and continues to do at Everton and the greatest sympathy for him over the Jack Rodwell sending off affair.

Gordon Sharrock: Wenger can’t afford to lose Van the man

9:44am Wednesday 19th October 2011

ARSENE Wenger is keeping surprisingly cool – publicly at least – about Robin van Persie’s contract situation.

Gordon Sharrock: Expect a War over Barton’s Adel comments

9:44am Wednesday 19th October 2011

I WOULD love to have been a fly on the wall in the QPR dressing room when Neil Warnock took Joey Barton to task over his comments about team-mate Adel Taarabt.

Gordon Sharrock: I bet there are going to be big corruption issues in game

9:30am Wednesday 12th October 2011

LONG gone are the days when punters sat in front of their TVs at five o’clock on Saturday evenings to check their pools coupons.

Gordon Sharrock: McQueen’s will to win can conquer illness

9:30am Wednesday 12th October 2011

WHEN Gordon McQueen followed Joe Jordan across the Pennines from Elland Road to Old Trafford in February, 1978, Manchester United believed they were close to ending their decadelong quest for the League Championship.

Gordon Sharrock: UEFA will use Rooney ban to put boot into England

9:30am Wednesday 12th October 2011

I REALLY don’t see why European football’s disciplinary chiefs need to call a special meeting to sentence Wayne Rooney for his sending off in England’s Euro qualifier in Montenegro.

Gordon Sharrock: No comfort from Sturridge show

9:15am Wednesday 5th October 2011

I APPRECIATE the sentiment but pardon me for not feeling flattered by Frank Lampard's tribute to Wanderers for the part they played in Daniel Sturridge’s development.

Gordon Sharrock: Let’s get big calls right

9:15am Wednesday 5th October 2011

MARK Halsey is a good referee.

Gordon Sharrock: Tevez – Big Sam shouldn’t touch him with barge pole

9:15am Wednesday 5th October 2011

IT would not have gone down well with Roberto Mancini but it was no surprise to see Sam Allardyce offer Carlos Tevez a return ticket to West Ham.

Gordon Sharrock: Luck proves the perfect substitute for experience

9:43am Wednesday 28th September 2011

IT just had to happen.

Gordon Sharrock: Blatter and FIFA on choppy waters

9:43am Wednesday 28th September 2011

IN May, when he was lobbying for votes in his efforts to be reelected for a fourth term as the allpowerful president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter banged his fist on a table as he launched an impassioned defence of the integrity of football’s world governing body.

Gordon Sharrock: Recession makes football a whole new ball game

9:43am Wednesday 28th September 2011

ALTHOUGH bitterly disappointed that he had something to crow about on Saturday, I was grateful to Arsene Wenger for bringing up the state of the economy.

Gordon Sharrock: Leicester lacks X-Factor that Beckhams require

9:42am Wednesday 28th September 2011

CAJOLED by my 15-yearold granddaughter, I sat through an entire edition of X-Factor on Saturday night for the first time.

Gordon Sharrock: Wanderers memorabilia

9:38am Wednesday 21st September 2011

HILARY Coyne, the outgoing landlady of the Hen and Chickens on Deansgate, has a collection of Wanderers’ memorabilia, including a signed shirt of legendary centre-forward Wyn Davies, which she is looking to pass on.

Gordon Sharrock: Saha could take lead from Ralph

9:38am Wednesday 21st September 2011

DAVID Moyes was understandably dismissive of Louis Saha throwing a moody on Twitter complaining that he wasn’t given a place on the bench at Goodison on Saturday.

Gordon Sharrock: Reid can feel harshly treated by Pilgrims

9:38am Wednesday 21st September 2011

NO ONE knows better than Peter Reid that football is a results business and that when things go badly on the field it is the manager who gets it in the neck.

Gordon Sharrock: That’s the way to do it, Kenny

9:37am Wednesday 21st September 2011

I WAS only too pleased to have a chance to explain to an irate Liverpool fan that, in suggesting Kenny Dalglish needed a lesson in respect, as I did on this page last week, I was referring exclusively to his comments on referees and not wishing to question the dignified way he has comported himself in the wake of the Heysel and Hillsborough tragedies.

Gordon Sharrock: Life is no Gigg-le for Barker

9:37am Wednesday 21st September 2011

NO wonder Bury manager Richie Barker has been scouring the roads around Gigg Lane looking for the corpse of a black cat.

Gordon Sharrock: Warnock dig is a bit rich

9:03am Wednesday 14th September 2011

MIGHT have given some credence to the argument that Fabio Capello’s difficulty in expressing himself in English makes him a liability had it not been Neil Warnock who raised the issue.

Gordon Sharrock: Money talked in Gyan move

9:03am Wednesday 14th September 2011

STEVE Bruce sounded exasperated at £13million record signing Asamoah Gyan’s decision to leave Sunderland for a seasonlong loan to United Arab Emirates side Al-Ain. And I don’t blame him Gyan’s got bags of talent – as he has shown so often playing for Ghana – but he’s got no common sense if he thinks he’s furthering his career by taking himself off to the Middle East. He’s 25 for heaven’s sake, not 35 and looking for one last big pay day.

Gordon Sharrock: Dalglish needs a lesson in respect

9:03am Wednesday 14th September 2011

QUESTION: What have Phil Dowd, Martin Atkinson, Lee Probert and Mark Clattenburg got in common?

Gordon Sharrock: City must overcome Reds’ history of one-upmanship

9:03am Wednesday 14th September 2011

IT is not healthy to see just two clubs dominating the Premier League, but for the time being I’m quite enjoying watching the “Anything you can do, we can do better” spat between the two Manchester clubs.

Gordon Sharrock: Reidy’s battling qualities will come to the fore

10:39am Wednesday 7th September 2011

QUIZZED by an anxious pal on a North-east evening paper back in March 1995, I confidently predicted Sunderland would not only escape relegation but would prosper after appointing Peter Reid as their new manager.

Gordon Sharrock: Media duties are low on list of priorities

10:38am Wednesday 7th September 2011

FROM a media man’s point of view, punctuality has never been the strongest of suits of footballers and football managers.

Gordon Sharrock: Let’s kick out racism within our own ranks

10:38am Wednesday 7th September 2011

ALTHOUGH not entirely surprised, I was as sickened as anyone to hear England’s black players being subjected to racist taunts in Bulgaria on Friday night.

Gordon Sharrock: Frankly all of this Lampard fuss has been a load of nonsence

10:37am Wednesday 7th September 2011

HOW disappointing it was to see so many column inches of our weekend newspapers dedicated to someone who played just a bit part in England's impressive win in Bulgaria.

Gordon Sharrock: Nothing changes

9:32am Wednesday 24th August 2011

TWO of the most predictable events of the new season: 1. El-Hadji Diouf being told by Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean that he has no future at the club. Diouf’s Ewood Park days were already numbered before he failed to turn up for pre-season training 2. Sam Allardyce being the first highprofile manager to test the FA’s resolve when he accused referee Michael Oliver of “not doing what he is paid to do” after West Ham had two penalties turned down in Sunday’s 2- 2 draw with Leeds United.

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