A sceptic could not believe his eyes and was left baffled after spotting something strange in the sky.

Warren Booth, 43, was up with his four-year-old daughter Ophelia at 4am after she woke up in the night, last Thursday in Darcy Lever.

And after he opened the back door to let his dog out, he was in disbelief when he believes he saw an unidentified flying object or better known as a UFO, which had flashing lights at the side of it.

He quickly got his daughter’s phone to capture what was in the sky, but after 10 minutes, the unexplainable object disappeared.

The Bolton News:

He said: “I got up with my daughter and went to open the back door to let the dog out and thought there was something a bit strange in the sky just sitting there.

“There were lights coming off the side of it. It was proper weird.

“When I looked up, I thought it looked a bit bright for a star.

“I have never noticed anything like it before. All of a sudden, after about 10 minutes it was gone and had disappeared.”

Warren says that he does not believe in ghosts or aliens and admits that there is no explanation for what he saw.

He added: “I don’t believe in ghosts or aliens, but it was unexplainable, and I was totally taken back by it.

“There has got to be something, but I wouldn’t like to say what because we don’t know.”

Just last week Stephen Maloney captured a UFO, which he though was a big star at first, but it left him questioning whether we are really alone.

Earlier this month Paul Longstaff, from Farnworth, was sat at his computer when his mum shouted and pointed to some bright lights in the sky, which left them both shocked.

And according to UFO Identified as many as 10 UFOs were reported  to them in Bolton in May last year.

Greater Manchester has one of the highest UFO sightings in the country according to UFO database website, UFO Identified.

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